Bienvenid@s a la plataforma de tickets para Ford Pub Hub LATAM.

Welcome to the Ford LATAM Pub Hub Tickets Platform


Alejandro Morales
Pub Hub LATAM Leader

+ 52 55 5729 4000 (Ext. 3565)
Skype: alejandro.morales

Osvaldo Barrera
Account Manager - Brazil/ Chile/ Colombia/ Venezuela/ Ecuador

+ 52 55 5729 4000 (Ext. 3568)
Skype: ojbarreraz

Priscilla Arévalo
Account Manager - México/ Argentina

+ 52 55 5729 4000 (Ext. 3567)
Skype: priscilla.arevalo


  • Monday-Thursday: 8:30 am-6:00 pm (México CMT | UTC/GMT - 6 hours)
  • Friday: 8:00 am-3:00 pm (México CMT | UTC/GMT - 6 hours)


The contingencies service can be use to fix publishing issues related to previous tickets delivered by the LATAM Pub Hub.
The service is designed to work only on weekends and Pub Hub LATAM holidays.
The contingencies service is not for normal day to day service, and the opening of new service tickets.

Please use the following email to open/send contingencies service tickets:

Contingencies services hours
  • Monday-Sunday: 10:00 am-5:00 pm (México CMT | UTC/GMT - 6 hours)

Contingencies procedure
1. Client sends email with detailed information related to the contingency
2. Account Manager (AM) receives the ticket and has to up an hour an a half to confirm the arrival of the new contingency ticket
3. AM and Web Publisher (WP) assess the contingency and get back to the Client -assessment time could take up to two additional hours
4. Client is informed by AM end explains if the contingency is Pub Hub related and fixable, or if it's not related to publishing and has to be assessed by Next Digital and/or a Ford organism -this will close the contingency ticket and will start a different process TBD
5. If the ticket is Pub Hub related the Client gets a time table and a starting time -if the Client agrees with it the Pub hub starts working on the contingency
6. Once the WP fixes up the problem, the AM performs a QA in the Management environment and asks for a cache clean-up
7. AM informs the Client that the contingency has been fixed and can be viewed live (Production environment)
8. Client closes ticket